Clean Up Aisle About Me

I added the below to my About Me page when I was in the midst of a mental-health crisis. I think it may even have been on my LinkedIn at one point. (yikes!) I’m moving it here because I don’t want it on my About Page, but I want to preserve it. It’s all true, and I’m not ashamed of who I was. I felt the need to broadcast it when I was sick, and having done so I feel the need to preserve it.

Anyway, I do plan to blog more about my life experiences and will likely tell some of these stories in time. For now, I just want to leave this bit of writing here in order to get it off me About Me page.


— Self taught web application developing programming analyst from Baltimore, Maryland. I’m honest, fiercely loyal, autistic (late life diagnosis @47), and an addiction survivor (dope & coke, IV, clean 20+ yrs). Severe anxiety and depression, it sucks & I own it so it can’t be used against me. Been to prison for stealing meat from a supermarket. Sat alone in a cell with a serial killer. Alumni, Baltimore City Jail, D Block, Annex, ECI. Started over in ’99. Stymied by your ever-changing social contracts. Ally. Decent human, interesting too. Once stumped an actuary with simple common sense.

I totally forgot I added that last paragraph, ^ then tonight, when I noticed it and remembered, I laughed, and I decided to leave it.

(it’s all true, if you’re one of my fiends, just ask, I’ll tell you the stories)

🙂 Fuck the haters/

I think equity is important. Everyone deserves a fair shot.