I’m Jimmy Smutek

I’m a web developer, musician, and general tech nerd from Baltimore, Maryland. I’m a dad, a husband, and a late life diagnosed autistic. I am generally obsessed with computers, computer programming, info-sec, digital art, and electronic music production.

I like to make electronic music with my drum machines and synths, and I’m a tech and computer nerd in general so I enjoy learning about programming, information security, and operating systems as a hobby. I’m a Mac user but I also nerd out a lot on various flavors of Linux. Python is my favorite language but I can also program with PHP and JavaScript.

I openly identify as anti-fascist and anti-racist because fascism and racism are bad. I believe trans rights are human rights and I believe Black Lives Matter.

This is my personal blog. I also have a development related blog at smutek.net.

My personal blog about skateboarding, techno, design, art, music, family, life, and stuff.

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