I’m lead web developer at Ainsley & Company, a marketing and advertising agency in Baltimore, Maryland. (ps., we’re hiring)

I studied graphic design at CCBC, and corporate communication at the University of Baltimore.  My background started in design, and I got my start working part-time for the Baltimore nonprofit, Baltimore Art and Music Project, where my main focus was print collateral.

From 2006-2010 I worked in the screen printed apparel and promotional products industry, where I worked with small business owners to larger clients such as M&T Bank.

My love of learning and technology eventually led me into web design, and finally to full time web development, which I have found to be the perfect fit for me.

I spent some time at a small agency in Towson and eventually launched a freelance business in 2013, where I was one half of Smutek Creative, along with my lovely wife, Jennifer Smutek. Jennifer is an incredibly talented wedding, portrait, and event photographer.

Today I’m full time at Ainsley, where I work primarily with WordPress, implementing custom web solutions for small businesses and organizations. I couldn’t be happier.

I’m an old school skateboarding dad. I love drum machines and synths, learning new things, and hanging with my family. One day I plan to write a better bio, but I’m in a pinch today. 🙂

This is my personal blog. I maintain a development and WordPress related blog at smutek.net if you’d like to check it out.