I’m Jimmy Smutek

I studied graphic design at CCBC, and corporate communication at the University of Baltimore.  My background started in design, and I got my start working part-time for the Baltimore nonprofit, Baltimore Art and Music Project, where my main focus was print collateral. My love of learning and technology eventually led me into web design, and finally to full time web development, which I have found to be the perfect fit for me. I spent some time at a small agency in Towson and eventually launched a freelance business in 2013, where I was one half of Smutek Creative, along with my lovely wife, Jennifer Smutek. Jennifer is an incredibly talented wedding, portrait, and event photographer. I worked at Ainsley & Company first as a web developer, then as lead web developer from 2015 till 2017, where I worked primarily with WordPress, implementing custom web solutions for small businesses and organizations. Today I work on the web team at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health as a Sr. Programmer Analyst. I’m an old school skateboarding dad. I love drum machines and synths, learning new things, and hanging with my family. One day I plan to write a better bio, but I’m in a pinch today. 🙂 This is my personal blog. I maintain a development and WordPress related blog at smutek.net if you’d like to check it out.
— Self taught web application developing programming analyst from Baltimore, Maryland. I’m honest, fiercely loyal, autistic (late life diagnosis @47), and an addiction survivor (dope & coke, IV, clean 20+ yrs). Severe anxiety and depression, it sucks & I own it so it can’t be used against me. Been to prison for stealing meat from a supermarket. Sat alone in a cell with a serial killer. Alumni, Baltimore City Jail, D Block, Annex, ECI. Started over in ’99. Stymied by your ever-changing social contracts. Ally. Decent human, interesting too. Once stumped an actuary with simple common sense.
I totally forgot I added that last paragraph, ^ then tonight, when I noticed it and remembered, I laughed, and I decided to leave it. (it’s all true, if you’re one of my fiends, just ask, I’ll tell you the stories) 🙂 Fuck the haters/ I think equity is important. Everyone deserves a fair shot.
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