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Morning Walk

I’ve been eating better and exercising regularly for about 4 months now. Nothing too crazy, mostly just walks of about 3 miles and watching what I eat. It’s really been paying off as I’ve lost about 20 pounds so far.

One of the things I’ve been missing with this nasty Maryland winter has been walking out doors. One of the benefits of being self employed is that I can take off for a walk pretty much whenever I want to. The weather is starting to get warmer and this morning I was able to take off for a walk to a nearby park where I was able to enjoy the cool weather and the morning fog.

These images, taken with an iPhone 4s and processed in Lightroom, really don’t do the scene justice. It’s been a really nice morning. Now it’s time for some lunch, and then back to work.


Digital Artifacts

I ran across this stuff while rooting through a backup hard drive one evening. It ranges from, I’d guess about 2003 up until maybe 2009 or so.

None of it is particularly ground breaking, but what struck me about this stuff is that, with the exception of one piece, none of it serves any sort of design function whatsoever. For the most part it’s just stuff I made just for the hell of it. Creativity for the sake of creativity. The tools used runs from Illustrator & Photoshop, to Poser & Cinema 4D, to pencil, marker, and paper. There’s even a charcoal drawing, for gods sake!

I used to do this sort of stuff all of the time, and, when I look at this stuff it reminds me that I used to create, simply to create. It affirms what I already knew – that 6 straight years working in extremely fast paced production environments, well, it wasn’t healthy for my creativity. I pretty much stopped doing this sort of stuff.

I’ve recently executed a pretty major career shift. Almost 2 years ago I moved from the production heavy design environment to a WordPress development shop in Towson then, nearly one year ago, struck out on my own. I’m currently self employed as a web designer, working in the WordPress space. The really cool thing is that learning is exciting again, things are fresh and new again, and I love feeling the creativity in me waking up again.

Hell, that’s one of the main reasons for this blog. Creativity for the sake of creativity.

Awesome! I’m looking forward to making more weird cats, robots, UFO’s and bucket heads!

First foray into data bending

Inspired by Jamie Boulton’s post on his blog, Question Something, I tried my hand at data bending yesterday.

Bill Carlile at Waldorf skatepark
Bill Carlile at Waldorf Skatepark

John Bernie at Laurel Skatepark, by Jimmy Smutek
John Bernie at Laurel Skatepark

As far as process goes, I used two photographs that I took with my Nikon D-5100. I did initial edits in Lightroom a good while ago and that was about it, until I ran across Jamie Boulton’s article.

After reading a few more articles on data bending and glitch art I revisited these two images. Each image was opened and edited in Audacity, an audio editor, where I applied various effects and saved the results out. I ended up with about 5 glitched versions of each image, which I then composited in Photoshop to get the end results.

Technically these aren’t pure glitch art (I guess?) since I used an image editing program to create the final composites, in addition to data bending with Audacity.

This was a really cool, fun process that I definitely plan to explore further.