Simon Bike Riding

My son and I decided to make a “super BMX action sport video” together. He cruised around on his bike, pretending to be Matt Hoffman while I followed him on my skateboard with the camera.

Here’s the resulting video; shaky, out of focus, and rough editing – but so, so so much fun!

Music is “our Swords”, by Band of Horses.

August Rocked

August was a great month with 2 much, much (much much much) needed vacations.

We took a short trip to Knoebels amusement park with our friends the Bowman’s, of Amerikan Made Prints (check out their work!).


Knoebels, located somewhere in the vast expanse of Pennsylvania (Elysburg PA), was a fantastic amusement park. Admission is free (you pay for the rides) and the park includes a traditional amusement park as well as a water park.

Credit for all photos in the gallery below, and for the featured image above, go to my lovely, talented wife, Jennifer Smutek.

Ocean City, Maryland

Our trip to Knoebels was followed by an amazing week at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland. This was a really fantastic trip. our son is 4 years old now, which is such a fantastic, magical, fun age. Here’s some snaps from my Instagram feed.

…and some snaps from Jennifer’s Instagram feed.

August was a super fun month and those two trips were a great way to wrap up my first full year of being fully self employed. Now, school’s started, for Simon and for me – I’m taking 3 classes at night and trying to grow my little business, and my career, during the day. I’ve got a lot of challenging stuff on on my plate that I’m ready to take head on.

Now, it’s time to get back to work. 🙂