Random Korg Volca Jam

Just noodling around with Volca Sample, Keys, & Bass. Recorded into Ableton. There’s a little bit of reverb on the Keys & Bass, but aside from that the sounds are raw.

Such cool little machines. ๐Ÿ™‚

I always figured

One of the last tracks I recorded before moving my music setup out of the box. Dubby affair, with Volca Keys, Bass, Beats, and Sample. Ableton reverb, pingpong, and filter delays for effects. Sequenced with BeatStep Pro. Sample from No Country For Old Men.

Steaming Into History (2015)

Steaming Into History is a non-profit organization that runs a replica Cival War era steam locomotive in New Freedom, Pennysylvania. Learn more about them here.

The short of it is that you ride on this super cool old train for an hour trip to a Christmas tree farm. Once you arrive at the destination there’s horse drawn carraiges waiting to take you from the train stop to the Christmas tree farm. You cut your tree down, pay, grab a hot chocolate and head back to the train.

It’s a really nice day for the family and it’s looking like it’s going to become a tradition for us. We were even able to take my mom this year!ย Here’s photos from last years trip, and photos from todays trip are below.

Great way to cap off a fantastic Thanksgiving wekeend. ๐Ÿ™‚