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Live on UMBC Radio

This is a DJ set that I mixed way back in 2005, live on Mike Bell’s DJ Herbal Tea Show, on UMBC Radio.

I “grew up”, so to speak, DJ-ing with turntables but at the time of this show I had just started experimenting with Traktor and all digital systems. In fact, I think this was my first all digital DJ gig.

This would have been mixed with Traktor 1.5, or 2, running on a G4 Powerbook, with an M-Audio Quattro USB sound card feeding from Traktor to my Pioneer DJM 500 mixer.

Picture of Jimmy Smutek's old mobile gig set up

Just for nostalgias sake, there’s a throwback photo of my old mobile set up, circa 2004, packed up and ready to roll.

Some tracks are mixed and some are just played back to back, radio style. It’s not the most technical set but the tunes are good if you’re into the glitchy, techy, and minimal stuff from the early part of the millennium.

Mike Bell was a great host, and I had a really great time on the show.

I would need to do some digging to put a full track listing together, but there’s tracks from Akufen, Plastikman, Autechre, Sutekh, Aphex Twin, Pantytec, Matthew Dear, Swayzak, Taylor Dupree, Matmos, Vladislav Delay, and other similar artists.

The featured image is a rendering that I did, based off of a photograph that I took at a peace rally in DC, just prior to Iraq Part 2.

Part 1 –

Download Pt 1 MP3 – Right Click / Save As

Part 2 –

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Part 3 –

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Vertigo Mix

Short drum and bass mix I put together a long while back.

In tribute and loving memory of my good friend Josh Smith, aka Dj Vertigo. Rest in peace, brother.

I usually don’t mix drum and bass but one day I thought I would step out of my 4/4 comfort zone and try my hand at a short, impromptu drum and bass mix. I headed over to beatport.com and bought 7 tracks I liked, fired up the turntables and my serato box and threw this together. I’d only briefly previewed the tracks before making the mix and did this on one take with no edits, so it’s a little gritty in places, but still worth a listen.

Track Listing:

  • The Awakening – Original Mix : Hive & Gridlok
  • Witch Hunt – Ctrl-S Remix : Gridlok, Controlled Substance
  • Hollywood feat. Elhornet Of Pendulum – Original Mix : Gridlok
  • Prophecy – Original Mix : Rusher
  • Exaline – Original Mix : Nine Elms
  • Dark And Blue – Original Mix : Maztek
  • Claws – Original Mix : Dizplay

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