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Oh, This is Us

This is an excerpt from one of my “tiny concerts” here at home, where I take some sort of instrument and a little set of speakers downstairs and screw around. Todays concert used my Morphagene skiff (morph, rings, clouds, radio music, wogglebug), my iPad Pro and my Meeblip Anode synthesizer.

Excerpt from todays “Tiny Counter Concert”

The background ambiance (“oh, this is us”) is a recording I made at Pike Place market in Seattle, in April 2019, playback via my MTM Radio Music module. The sines and bell-ish tones are Mutable Instruments Rings being processed with Mutable Instruments Clouds & Make Noise Morphagene. All the aforementioned are being modulated by Make Noise Wogglebug.

The lead-ish synth is my Meeblip Anode synthesizer with a send return feed from my little Cockpit mixer to my iPad pro running Borderlands Granular, Spectrum (iOS Clouds) & Eventide Blackhole. All was sequenced and played via BeatStep Pro, mixed on Endorphin.es Cockpit mixer and recorded to my Tascam DR-07.


Last week I ordered a Pittsburgh Modular System 10.1+ to keep my Make Noise 0-Coast company. Make Noise released a patch video last week showing how to set up a Krell Patch on the 0-Coast. I tried it out last night, drenched it in reverb added some delay, and just sat and listened to it for about an hour. There’s something about a synthesizer playing and modulating itself that takes me to my nerdy happy place.

My Pittsburgh was delivered today. 🙂 I’m super new with this modular stuff, but this evening I set up the Krell patch on the 0-Coast again, but this time patched it into the mult section on the Pittsburgh, and was able to get the patch running on both synths. Small thing I’m sure to many, but I thought it was pretty damn cool.

They make beautiful whale noises together.

Sounds are from the 0-Coast and the System 10, recorded into Ableton with Eventide Black Hole reverb on a send/return and a ping pong delay as an insert on each synth.