Arlington & Fairfax Skateparks

Skate video I shot while on a road trip to Northern Virginia’s Arlington & Fairfax skatepark’s with my friends Bill, Ed, Justin, and Rex. Great day with great friends.

This was my first time out with my D5100 and my first time seriously trying to edit, and my first real video! I have a ton to learn and I’m stoked to learn it. Available in HD (720p) if you click through and view on Vimeo.

Tunez: Iggy Pop, The Passenger

First foray into data bending

Inspired by Jamie Boulton’s post on his blog, Question Something, I tried my hand at data bending yesterday.

Bill Carlile at Waldorf skatepark
Bill Carlile at Waldorf Skatepark

John Bernie at Laurel Skatepark, by Jimmy Smutek
John Bernie at Laurel Skatepark

As far as process goes, I used two photographs that I took with my Nikon D-5100. I did initial edits in Lightroom a good while ago and that was about it, until I ran across Jamie Boulton’s article.

After reading a few more articles on data bending and glitch art I revisited these two images. Each image was opened and edited in Audacity, an audio editor, where I applied various effects and saved the results out. I ended up with about 5 glitched versions of each image, which I then composited in Photoshop to get the end results.

Technically these aren’t pure glitch art (I guess?) since I used an image editing program to create the final composites, in addition to data bending with Audacity.

This was a really cool, fun process that I definitely plan to explore further.

Live on UMBC Radio

This is a DJ set that I mixed way back in 2005, live on Mike Bell’s DJ Herbal Tea Show, on UMBC Radio.

I “grew up”, so to speak, DJ-ing with turntables but at the time of this show I had just started experimenting with Traktor and all digital systems. In fact, I think this was my first all digital DJ gig.

This would have been mixed with Traktor 1.5, or 2, running on a G4 Powerbook, with an M-Audio Quattro USB sound card feeding from Traktor to my Pioneer DJM 500 mixer.

Picture of Jimmy Smutek's old mobile gig set up

Just for nostalgias sake, there’s a throwback photo of my old mobile set up, circa 2004, packed up and ready to roll.

Some tracks are mixed and some are just played back to back, radio style. It’s not the most technical set but the tunes are good if you’re into the glitchy, techy, and minimal stuff from the early part of the millennium.

Mike Bell was a great host, and I had a really great time on the show.

I would need to do some digging to put a full track listing together, but there’s tracks from Akufen, Plastikman, Autechre, Sutekh, Aphex Twin, Pantytec, Matthew Dear, Swayzak, Taylor Dupree, Matmos, Vladislav Delay, and other similar artists.

The featured image is a rendering that I did, based off of a photograph that I took at a peace rally in DC, just prior to Iraq Part 2.

Part 1 –

Download Pt 1 MP3 – Right Click / Save As

Part 2 –

Download Pt 2 MP3 – Right Click / Save As

Part 3 –

Download Pt 3 MP3 – Right Click / Save As

Still Life With Burpee Pot

This is an exercise that I did using 3D software to model, light, and create a still life using an ordinary household object as reference material. It was part of a school project from some years back. It was super fun and is still one of my faves.

Waldorf Skatepark

A great day of skating and friends, hands down.

Day trip with Bill, Ed, and Harry down to Waldorf skate park in Charles County, Maryland. This was an amazing park. I got a little overzealous and took a pretty nasty spill, tweaking my leg. It didn’t ruin the day but unfortunately I’ve never really recovered from that bail and my knee has continued to get worse over the last year.

Regardless, this was a great trip and I definitely recommend checking out Waldorf.